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Cool Hotels Ecological

Page 162-168
It was not long ago that the trms "ecologically-sound" and "design" seemed to be mutually exclusive. Anything labeled "eco-friendly" was usually handmade, plant-dyed, and inelegant, or at least somewhat insipid, and therefore the complete opposite of "cool". Hardcore ecologists rejected aesthetics, clarity, and the vibrant relationship between form and function - in short, all the qualities we associate with sophisticated contemporary design. Now all that has changed. Our planet is under threat and ecological awareness and eco-friendly living have become hot topics all over the world. Lifestyle-oriented urban dwellers have discovered themes such as sustainability and environmental soundness. This is a trend that carries over to vacation choices. Travelers are selecting eco-hotels that feature contemporary design.
The hotels presented in this book were not selected based on a checklist that may result in an ecological seal of approval based on points awarded. The hotels are special because they are designed to blend into the natural landscape and conserve natural resources. This starts with the building materials selected. Stone or renewable materials such as wood are often used. These are materials that would normally be used locally for building. Many hotels forego energy-guzzling air conditioning. In southern countries, buildings are carefully positioned to create as much shade as possible. Windows are installed in positions that allow continuous air circulation. Wherever possible, these eco-hotels use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and minimize the amont of garbage they produce. This is an important issue particularly in regions such as the Maldives, where garbage disposal poses an enormous challenge.
Nature is always at the center of the hotels presented in this book. The transitions from indoors to outdoors are fluid, providing guests with a true experience of nature while preserving its appeal for generations to come.
Bärbel Holzberg

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